Catholic Comeback Southside Milwaukee Regreso Católico en el sur de Milwaukee

Les informamos que la apertura para las Misas Publicas en las parroquias de San Antonio y San Jacinto esta suspendida por el momento y hasta nuevo aviso, les mantendremos informados, gracias por el apoyo y comprensión, durante esta pandemia esperamos que todos se encuentren bien. Por el momento seguimos con la transmisión de las misas por medio de Facebook y Youtube. Bendiciones a todos.

Regreso a Misas Públicas – San Antonio y San Jacinto

  • Si está enfermo, o tiene síntomas de fiebre o gripe, o simplemente no se siente bien, se le pide y recomienda que se no entre a la iglesia y se quede en casa para eliminar la posibilidad de que pueda propagar cualquier enfermedad o virus a otras personas. Aunque habrá precauciones y medidas sanitarias vigentes, siempre existe el riesgo de que otras personas puedan enfermarlo o que usted pueda enfermar a alguien más al asistir a Misa. Por favor, practique su buen juicio.
  • Se les pide a todas las personas que deseen asistir a la iglesia que traigan y usen su propia mascarilla (cubrebocas) y guantes.
  • El horario normal de Misas dominicales se mantendrá en San Antonio y en San Jacinto.

San Antonio                                      San Jacinto

5PM Sábado

8AM Domingo                         7:30 AM Domingo

10AM Domingo                       9:30 AM Domingo

12PM Domingo                        11:30 AM domingo

  • La capacidad de la iglesia de San Antonio se limitará a 200 personas.
  • La capacidad de la iglesia de San Jacinto se limitará a 150 personas.
  • La asistencia a todas las Misas se realizará por orden de llegada. Una vez que se alcance el número de asistencia, tendremos que cerrar las puertas y pedir a cualquier persona que vaya llegando a que asista a Misa en otro horario, como sugerencia, a la Misa de sábado de 5PM en San Antonio o el domingo a las 11:30AM en San Jacinto, estas Misas generalmente tienen un menor número de asistencia y serán bilingües.
  • Las Misas dominicales de 9:30AM en San Jacinto y de 12PM en San Antonio serán trasmitidas por internet en nuestra página de Facebook y YouTube.
  • El distanciamiento social de seis pies se usará en la iglesia al sentarse en las bancas y para la Sagrada Comunión. Favor de seguir las instrucciones de los ministros de hospitalidad y asistentes.
  • La Comunión será distribuida sólo en la mano. 
  • Recuerden: la obligación de asistir a la Misa dominical se ha dispensado hasta el domingo 5 de julio del 2020. Esto significa que los fieles católicos no están obligados a asistir a la Misa dominical en persona hasta después del 5 de julio. Puede elegir quedarse en casa y no asistir a Misa por cualquier motivo que pueda tener.

No es la intención de que este comienzo de celebraciones de Misa sean reuniones normales y completas, sino de un comienzo gradual. Agradecemos a todos su cooperación.

Return to Public Masses – St. Anthony and St. Hyacinth

  • If you are sick, or have symptoms of a fever or flu, or simply do not feel well, it is asked and recommended that you do not enter the church building and stay home to eliminate the chance of spreading any sickness or virus to other people. Although there will be precautions and sanitary measures in place, there is always a risk that you could get sick from other people or that you may get other people sick when attending Mass. Please exercise your good judgment.
  • All those entering the church are asked to please bring and wear a face mask and gloves.
  • The normal Sunday Mass schedule will be maintained at St. Anthony and St. Hyacinth.

          St. Anthony                             St. Hyacinth

          5PM Saturday      

          8AM Sunday                                     7:30AM Sunday

          10AM Sunday                                   9:30AM Sunday

          12PM Sunday                                    11:30AM Sunday

  • St. Anthony Church capacity will be limited to 200 people.
  • St. Hyacinth Church capacity will be limited to 150 people.
  • Attendance at all Masses will be on a first come-first served basis. Once the attendance number is reached, we will have to shut the doors and ask anyone else that comes to go to a different Mass, as a suggestion, the 5PM Saturday Mass at St. Anthony or the 11:30AM Sunday Mass at St. Hyacinth, those Masses generally have a lower attendance and will be bilingual.
  • The 9:30AM Sunday Mass at St. Hyacinth and 12PM at St. Anthony will be broadcast online on Facebook and YouTube.
  • Social distancing of six feet will be used in church when seating people and for Holy Communion. Please follow the directions of the hospitality ministers and ushers.
  • Communion is to be received only on the hand.
  • Remember: the obligation to attend Sunday Mass has been dispensed through Sunday, July 5th, 2020. This means that the Catholic faithful are not required to attend Sunday Mass in person until after July 5th. You may choose to remain home and not attend Mass for any reasons you may have.

The celebrations of these public Sunday Masses are not intended as normal and full gatherings, but a gradual start. Thank you all for your cooperation.

St. Anthony and St. Hyacinth Parish

St. Anthony and St. Hyacinth Parishes Milwaukee:  COVID-19 Response to the Needs of the Community.

Serving and continue to help and support our parishes in time of crises.

The St. Anthony and St. Hyacinth administration, staff and leaders of our communities have organized and worked on different provisions to support our communities. 

We have more than 2,093 people who attend our Sunday’s Masses and more than 900 families that we have contacted via phone calls to find out if there is something they need help with or assistance by our administration.  The reaction of the communities has been very positive, and we are glad that we can be there for them.  Most of them they are very happy that we called them.

At the beginning of the quarantine we offered a retreat for our communities sponsored by the Archdiocese, we also offered free movies sponsored by, excellent movies and more.

The priests from the south side parishes offered meditated Stations of the Cross on Good Friday.

Streaming Mass Services – St. Anthony & St. Hyacinth Parishes

We been offering Masses streamed online every day and also on Saturdays and Sundays, two Masses at different hours so that there are more opportunities for our community to watch them and be a part of them.

We have the Rosary every night at 9:00pm by Fr. Jose A. Anaya

The Health Group on Wednesdays at 6:00pm with Fr. Jose A Anaya

Bible Classes on Friday nights at 7:00pm with Fr. Jose A. Anaya

Cesilia Gonzalez-Esparza owner/counselor of “Growing Mindful Psychotherapy, Creciendo Plenamente, LLC” has introduced the workshops below. She has offered these three workshops in gratitude and for the needs of our communities.

We continue looking for ways to be present for our parishioners by helping them according to our possibilities.

We know some people in our communities do not accept help even when they need it, this may be due to cultural views or customs. 

The staff called our members at the beginning, to ask them about their well-being and to offer our services.

The parish staff has also been working from home monitoring and returning phone messages, emails, working on the bulletin, keeping up to date the parishes’ Facebook and webpage, maintaining the parish calendar, rescheduling parish services such as baptisms, weddings and quinceañeras, processing checks, accounts payable and receivable and mailing of letters to parishioners among other daily tasks.

We recruited parish leaders to call every member of our parishes; we called 900 families to see if they need anything from us. Our communities were very pleased with the calls, some families accepted food or money and we have already sent them the money and the food was delivered to other parish members to their homes. So far, on the third week we have delivered food to fifty-five families.  We will continue to take food to their houses and to other families in need as we find them.  The food has been donated by Catholic Charities and members of our parishes. Also, the fund to help our community was donated by a member from within our own community.  The emergency food pantry was opened at the rectory of St. Hyacinth and coordinated by members, staff and the Jesuits volunteers living there at our rectory.

As of now we are getting ready and preparing to open our churches, we are training our leaders, sacristans, altar servers and coordinators of liturgy so they can be ready for the opening and we are forming groups for each Mass to help with hospitality and cleaning after the Masses.

We will continue to coordinate and work on whatever we need to do to open our parishes.

The Administration.